Mulligans Flat Photography Workshop

On November 7 2010, thirteen people armed with cameras joined us to take part in the first Seeing Grasslands photography workshop. The aim of this workshop was to encourage people to enjoy both the grasslands and their photography and hopefully learn something along the way. Further images from participants may be found here.

Chris Holly sets the scene. Photo: D. Wong

To kick the workshop off John fitzgerald gave an introduction on FOG and Chris Holly set the creative challenge for the participants. Participants were asked to imagine that the grassland would no longer be here fifty years from now. How then, would they use photography to document this grassland? Participants were then invited to share the results with the group and the broader community through the Seeing Grasslands Flickr group ( It was very interesting to see the different ways in which people captured the diversity of subjects in the grasslands.

Photo: D. Wong

We were lucky with the weather and the rain this season has meant that the grasslands are looking superb, the wildflowers are out in force and seem to be teeming with insect life.

The facilitators, Chris Holly and David Wong, assisted with any technical questions participants. We were happy to see that people had a lot of fun and seemed to get quite a lot out of the workshop, be it in the form of photography tips, enjoying the surrounds, honing their skills or just being reminded of the little things we notice when we take a closer look.

Photo: D. Wong

The flickr group is open to the public and we look forward to see how more people in the community “see” the grasslands in the future!


Billy Buttons Craspedia Variabilis. Photo: D. Wong

Hoverfly. Photo: D. Wong


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