Small things

Cheilanthes sp. (Photo: D. Wong)

One of the great things about macro photography is that it allows us to see the small things that we might otherwise overlook. Hidden amongst the undergrowth are tiny plants fungi, insects, spiders mosses and lichens.

Photo: D. Wong

Capsules from mosses are great subjects and you will soon discover the enormous variety of species that can be found in some places.

Photo: D. Wong

Mosses and lichens also have a compelling texture that you can explore with your images.

Photo: D. Wong

Light and shadow can also be used to effect with such images and the time of day you visit is likely to lead to totally different images. Early Morning and late afternoon are often favoured by photographers because of the “quality of light” available at those times.

Photo: D. Wong

And even unlikely subjects can make for interesting photos!

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