Photo: © David Wong 2010

With the prevalence of digital technology today, many people have forsaken film cameras and photography. A lot of people contend that digital is much more convenient and it is difficult to argue with this point. However, for me it is the fact that film is less convenient that gives it some of its appeal. Sure, I take the majority of my photos with a digital camera, but when I take the time to do some film photography I find the process very satisfying. Film also requires the photographer to be more aware of what they are doing and to think about exposure and composition, so it can help you to become a better photographer and to understand how to control exposure.


Photo: © David Wong 2010

If you don’t have a light meter built into your camera, you can use a rule of thumb called “sunny 16” which basically means that if your apeture is F16 in bright sunny conditions, you should use a shutter speed equivalent to 1/the ISO. So if the ISO was 100 you would set the shutter speed to 1/100th of a second (usually written as “100” on the lshutter speed selector). There are also exposure tables available to give a guide as to which apeture and shutter speed combinations to use in different lighting situations. I have found these cards with success in most cases.

Photo: © David Wong 2010

But the reason that I really love film is the “look” that you can get from different films or lenses or cameras. Each camera has it’s own little idiosyncracies. So if you are looking for a new angle to photography and have not tried film, why not pick up an old film camera and have a go?

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